Holiday cookie recipe winners

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:44

    A hearty thank you to all who responded to our call for holiday cookie recipes. We received a deliciously well-rounded variety of recipes and we read stories of family traditions that have been handed down through generations as well as new-found cookies that are now favorites. Everyone who submitted a recipe received a gift from the newspaper and the following were winners in our select categories. Fewest ingredients: A tie between Kathy Pattin of Sussex, N.J., for her recipe 10 p.m. Easy Bake Cookie Treat, and Nancy McKee of Monroe, N.Y., for her Traditional Scottish Shortbread. Both recipes call for only three ingredients. Most unusual ingredient: Dawn Tauber of Monroe, N.Y., for her recipe: Tahini Chews, which calls for tahini, agave nectar, quinoa flakes. Most intriguing name: Sesame Jewels contributed by Sondra Rizkalla of Newton. Best beauty shot and best story: Amy Hendricks of Milford, Pa., for her Reindeer. "I left these on my secret crush's stoop last year around this time when I wanted him to know that I was thinking of him...two weeks later we started dating, and now we're going a year! They're magical ;)" Congratulations to all the winners. Look on our Web site for the recipes.