In Their Own Words

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

    In an attempt to get beyond statistics of young people and alcohol, correspondent Chris Baker interviewed a 17-year-old female from Goshen, a 19-year-old male from Monroe and a 21-year-old male from Warwick about their experiences. Their names are being withheld. 17-year-old: Straus Newspapers: How do you feel about teenage drinking? 17-year-old: I think it's fine as long as it's in moderation; I don't really like when I see guys completely wasted and start throwing up on themselves. SN: Do you see your friends like that a lot? 17-year-old: Not really. I see kids like that sometimes, but my friends don't drink that much. One of my friends puked once when she was drunk but that's about it. Sometimes at a party or something, you'll see someone too drunk to walk around or do anything beside just puke, it's mostly just guys though. SN: You think guys are more likely to get that drunk than girls? 17-year-old: Definitely. SN: Why do you think that is? 17-year-old: I don't know, I just see guys get like that way more, not girls. SN: How often do you and your friends drink? 17-year-old: I drink like once or twice a month but a some of my friends drink way more. SN: What's your drink of choice? 17-year-old: I don't really care. When I do drink, I use whatever is available - usually beer, really cheap stuff. If I could choose I would drink wine coolers. SN: Have any of your friends gotten behind the wheel after drinking? 17-year-old: Not that I know of. SN: Has anyone you know been in trouble with the police for any alcohol-related problems? 17-year-old: Well, I have been to parties the cops have come and broken up, but no one ever got arrested or anything. I went to a party a couple months ago - and this is why I don't like to go parties - and the cops showed up, I guess because the party was sort of loud, and they made everyone there leave, whether they were drunk or not. I know it's smart to have a designated driver, but my friend was there who had planned to spend the night; they made him leave, too. SN: Was he driving? 17-year-old: No, I drove him home, but there were a ton of other people there and I bet I was the only sober one. SN: Why do you think kids your age drink? 17-year-old: I think some drink because it's a way to relax, or like, open up to talk to guys, but mostly I think kids just drink because it's, you know, the cool thing to do. SN: Why do you drink? 17-year-old: (long pause) I guess because it's fun every once and a while. Like I said, I only drink maybe twice a month, it's not like I'm wasted all day. SN: Do you think the drinking age is good being 21? 17-year-old: Yeah, I guess it's okay, but it doesn't stop anyone from drinking. SN: Why's that? 17-year-old: It's easy to find someone to buy you drinks when you get to be 17 or 18.