Law and Order

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    May 23 Devin Yost, 22, of Hamburg, pled guilty to two counts of distribution of marijuana and to possession of marijuana, a disorderly persons offense. He is scheduled to be sentenced in July. According to police, on Sept. 10 and again on Oct. 6, in Wantage, Yost sold small amounts of marijuana to an individual cooperating with the Sussex County Narcotics Task Force. In addition, Yost was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana at the time of his arrest on Feb. 15. Stephanie Sgaramella, 22, of Newton, pled guilty to possession of heroin, a third degree crime. She is scheduled for sentencing next month. Sgaramella was found to be in possession of a bag of heroin following a motor vehicle stop by Vernon Police Officer Ken Kuzicki on Dec. 3. Raymond Demercurio, 18, of Vemon pled guilty to one count of second degree burglary, one count of third degree burglary and two counts of third degree theft. Sentencing will take place in July. According to court records, on two separate occasions on Sept. 18, Demercurio burglarized a residence in Franklin stealing numerous items, including a handgun. May 25 Lisa Morgan, 38, of Newton, was sentenced to three years probation, 180 days county jail, substance abuse evaluation and treatment, attend AA/NA meetings three times per week, loss of her license for six months and $1,205 in fines. Morgan pled guilty on March 14, to possession of cocaine. According to police, on Dec. 30, Moragn was found to be in possession of a small amount of cocaine at the time of a search warrant executed at the home of a friend in Newton by members of the Sussex County Narcotics Task Force, Newton Police Department and the Sussex County Sheriffs Department. A 16-year-old from New York was committed to the Juvenile Justice Commission for a period of three years and fined $3,025. The youth pled guilty on April 20, to second-degree distribution of cocaine within 500 feet of a public building and third-degree distribution of cocaine within 1,000 feet of a school. According to local law enforcement officers, the young man was found to be in possession of six bags of crack cocaine at an apartment on Spring Street hi Newton, following the execution of a search warrant by members of the Sussex County Narcotics Task Force, the Newton Police Department and the Sussex County Sheriffs Office. May 26 Jessica Caiola, 26 of Sussex, was sentenced to two years probation. In addition, the defendant must serve 300 hours of community service and pay fines totaling $405 and restitution is in the amount of $667.13 Caiola pled guilty on Feb. 28, to theft by deception, a 3rd degree offense; theft of services, a 3rd degree offense; and writing a bad check, a 4th degree offense. Between September and December 2002, Caiola changed the billing address of her then employer's cell phone account to her own address, enabling her to use her company's phone after her employment was terminated. She also added her own personal vehicle to the company's auto insurance policy without permission. In June 2003, Caiola issued a check, knowing the funds would be insufficient and failed to cover the funds. She originally plead guilty in July of 2003 and placed in the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, but did not follow the conditions of the program and was terminated as unsuccessful. Donna Miller, 39, of Wantage, was sentenced to three years probation and must serve 30 days in the Sheriffs Labor Assistance Program. In addition, she must pay restitution in the amount of $13,352 and maintain employment. She must pay total fines and penalties of $155 and submit a DNA sample at her expense. Miller pled guilty on March 7, to theft, a 3rd degree crime. She admitted to taking money from her employer, Sears Hardware, from November 2002 through Sept. 9, 2003 by manufacturing fraudulent returns.