Lenape Valley expands cultural awareness with ‘village'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    STANHOPE-Continuing a Lenape Valley tradition, the school's Foreign Language department recently presented its Language Village, a day-long program designed to immerse students in the French, German and Spanish languages and cultures. Under the direction of Sandra Newcomer, German teacher, Kathleen Hade and Joelle Caffarra, French teachers, and Sharon Mullen, Jill Van Duyne, Rena Maslow, and Erica Bergamo, Spanish teachers, the day featured authentic dress, music, food, dance, custom and conversation as the school's media center was transformed into a microcosm of three of Europe's vital countries. In Germany, students could visit the customs office, a flower stand, a kiosk (souvenirs), bank, post office, restaurant, bakery/cafe, photo booth, and "spaghetti ice cream" stand. France featured a sidewalk cafe, the parfumerie, and patisserie. Spain offered such experiences as a florist, a post office, an ice cream shop, a photography studio, and "authentic" gypsies, a beauty salon, a movie theater, and Spanish tapas at the cafe. Upperclassmen were responsible for developing ideas, building the necessary sets and designs, and hosting the tourists and guests, comprised of underclassmen from the language department's courses. Students were given currency to spend at the Village while earning grades for their knowledge of custom and ability