Liquor back on the discussion table

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:12

    BYRAM n For the second time in four months, Byram officials will deal with the BYOB issue. Byram Council will vote May 3 on an ordinance that would require businesses to post signs informing patrons that it is illegal to bring in their own bottles of alcoholic beverages. The proposed legislation would also make business owners responsible for any illegal consumption that takes place in their establishments. For the past 20 years, it has been illegal for patrons to bring their own alcohol into restaurants that do not own a liquor license. Last December a motion to lift the ban was defeated. At that time, it was brought to light that the law was poorly enforced. Most council members have made their opinions known on the issue. However, for this upcoming vote, all eyes will be on council member James Oscovitch Jr., whose abstention from voting on the proposed lifting of the BYOB ban in December helped defeat the motion. Council members Donna Griff and Lou Esposito Jr. have expressed support for the ban and the proposed enforcement amendment. Mayor Eskil Danielson and council member Earl Riley have lobbied to have the ban lifted. Even if the amendment passes, there is a chance that it could be overturned by the end of the year. Byram resident Roy McDonald is attempting to get enough signatures on a petition that would put the BYOB issue in the hands of voters. If he gets the required number of signatures, the BYOB issue would be put on the November ballot, for Byram residents to decide. McDonald's petitions are currently at Frank's Pizza, East Tokyo, Mountainside Restaurant and the Cranberry Deli. "Let's vote for this once and for all in November," said McDonald in a letter sent to The Township Journal and addressed to the people of Byram. "The choice is yours."