Land preserved in Stillwater

| 28 Mar 2012 | 03:18

    STILLWATER — The Land Conservancy of New Jersey has announced the preservation of 113 acres in the heart of Stillwater Township in Sussex County. Purchased through the State of New Jersey Green Acres program, this scenic and completely forested property has been added to the state’s Trout Brook Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The Land Conservancy of New Jersey assisted with this acquisition. “It is amazing what has been accomplished based upon The Land Conservancy’s partnership with Stillwater Township and the Green Acres program,” said Sandy Urgo, Land Preservation Director with The Land Conservancy of New Jersey. “The landscape of Stillwater Township has been permanently improved, forest fragmentation has been reduced, wildlife habitat has been protected, and space for resource-based recreation and hunting has been provided." The state has protected more than 329,000 acres within the 121 Wildlife Management Areas. These open lands are managed for wildlife habitat and public recreational access and programs for hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts. Trout Brook WMA is now more than 1,700 acres in Stillwater Township. This newest addition to the WMA contains existing trails and stunning specimen trees. Located along the western edge of Sussex County and bordering the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Stillwater Township is a historic farming community and former vacation spot for visitors from Brooklyn, NY. Approximately 28.5 square miles in size, it is located 50 miles from New York City. This 113-acre property is located on Stillwater Road, in the center of the township.