Students design recycling bins

| 28 Mar 2012 | 03:14

    Lafayette — Artwork from four local student groups was chosen for recycling and trash containers as part of the Sussex County School Recycling Container Contest. Winning submissions were created by the students of Hamburg Public School Environmental Club and Science Department, Hilltop Country Day School, Halstead Middle School and Pope John XXII Regional High School. Each group designed their own set of trash and recycling containers that were creative, utilizing materials and artwork that proudly represented their school districts, says Reenee Casapulla, the county's Recycling Coordinator & Safety Officer. Now, each school will be awarded uniquely modeled recycling-type bottles, which were set to be presented at the Sussex County Freeholder’s meeting on Wednesday, March 28, at 5 p.m. All Sussex County school districts will receive “label sets” with the four container categories (Mixed Fiber, Commingled Containers, Single Stream and Trash) to distribute and put on their own containers. For more information contact either Reenee Casapulla at Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority, 973-579-6998, ext. 107, or Jennifer Shortino, Sussex County Department of Environmental & Public Health Services, 973-579-0370, ext. 1280.