Scents-ible alternative

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:20

New store offers custom-blended lotions, shampoos and conditioners NEWTON — Sensible Addictions, a bath and body product store, opened last month at the Springboard Shoppes in Newton. What started as an internet business three years ago has evolved into a retail shop. Founder and owner Richard Arcuri is optimistic and believes he has something different to offer. Because of his profession as a software consultant, Arcuri constantly traveled around North America. His extended stay in Toronto, Canada over a ten-year period brought him to his present day side business. “I was always impressed with the toiletries that were given to me at the concierge level at these hotels. When I learned it was Bath and Bodyworks which is a US company, I did some research,” said Arcuri. “I thought there was a market to have stores outside the US, but the company was not interested.” This kick-started his belief in the viability of personal care products. When a friend suggested he find his own supplier, the wheels started turning. What sets him apart and what Acruri markets as his niche is the ability to add fragrance to a base. Three years ago, he started an Internet store at “There are over 100 fragrances you can add to any lotion, shampoo or conditioner. I also developed a blending kit with a mini-blender that you can mix your fragrance into the product.” Likewise, it can be ordered and custom-made by Arcuri. One of his most popular products is a spray lotion. His products are natural and contain no sulfites and are parabin-free. Another feature that appeals to a select group is the shimmer and glitter. Shimmer, which is composed of mica, adds a glow to lotions. The glitter contains bigger particles and has a different look: “If you have a special occasion, the shimmer can be nice. And little girls love the glitter.” After developing the business on the Internet side, Arcuri felt it was time to take the business to the next level. After receiving a good response at house parties where people got to touch the lotions and smell the fragrances, a retail store was a natural progression. “You really have to get people to touch and feel; in this way, the store is very effective. And I think for this area, I offer something a little unusual,” he said. The soy candles, lotions and hair products are priced from $13 to $16 and have been well-received in the short time the store is open. Gift baskets are available as well as booking home or store parties. Arcuri suggests making an appointment for personalized services. For now, he wants people to experience Sensible Addictions and has plenty of samples to go around. “Customer satisfaction is our goal, and I invite people to come in and try the product.” Sensible Addictions (The Springboard Shoppes) 145 Spring St., Newton, 973-551 9185.