Stanhope debates ownship of Stonegate Lane and its bills

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:12

    STANHOPE - Stanhope and a local community are fighting over who owns a road. Neither side wants it. Brendon Fahey, a Stonegate Condominium resident, addressed the council during the April 27 meeting regarding a $16,000 bill to repair a water main break, which occurred on Stonegate Lane. Fahey and the council debated whether the borough or the condominium association was responsible for repairs to the water line. Fahey contends that Stonegate Lane is in fact a public street and as a result the condominium association doesn't own the water line under it. He believes the town should take the financial responsibility to repair it, as it would had the incident occurred on any other street in town. However, Richard Stein, the municipal attorney, corrected the statement that the road is public property. "The roads within the condominium are, by law, private property and therefore are the responsibility of the condominium association," Stein said. According to Stein, the town holds no responsibility to repair this water main break. The April 27 meeting started with a moment of silence in honor of Vera Hammer, a longtime active member of the community who recently passed away. Mayor Diana Kuncken offered words of praise in remembrance of her many contributions to the Borough of Stanhope.