Stillwater cell tower: why here?

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:28

    Several residents questioned the proposed location of the site [at the Nov. 28 meeting]. It was apparent that the point of their comments was that there are other, less intrusive, and more safe sites that may be available. Many residents contrasted this site with several others in the area. All of the other local sites are either attached to existing structures (Newton water tower) or located on larger parcels of land that do not require multiple variances. These local requirements, after all, were originally intended to protect the safety of the residents. Additionally, common sense suggests that it is illogical to locate this tower on a small encumbered plot that is also the lowest point in the area. It is especially illogical when this area has so many other high and large uninhabited plots. The thrust of the comments was “were these other sites completely explored?” It begs the question ”why was this illogical location chosen before the other, more logical choices that seem to be available in the area?" Robert Shankman Newton