Township to stop taking oil, antifree

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:14

    Byram-As of Sept. 1, Byram Township will no longer recycle oil and antifreeze for local residents. Currently, residents are able to dispose of both oil and antifreeze free of charge at the Byram Township Public Works yard. Two large vats designated for the two materials sit at the site, and they are occasionally emptied by the township. However, township officials announced recently that the recycling program will be stopped at the end of next month. "It's not that we have a desire to reduce services," said Township Manager Greg Poff earlier this week. "Giving the nature and layout of the public works site, there is a concern of contamination." According to Poff, Byram has not experienced any leakage of contamination of either oil or antifreeze. However, he is concerned with the township's liability because the potentially hazardous materials can reach high volumes and sit for long periods of time. This decision has nothing to do with money," said Poff, explaining that the program cost has litle affect on the township's budget. "If it were not for the environmental concerns, we would continue to accept the material," said Poff. "But each time oil and/or antifreeze are moved from one location to another, there is always a chance of a spill." The manager said that if the township were to install safeguards against a potential spill, the associated costs could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Come September, residents will still be able to dispose of oil and antifreeze free of charge. County residents can drop off oil and antifreeze at the Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority on Route 94 in Lafayette at no cost. Byram Township will continue to accept and recycle used tires at the township recycling center. Notification of the newest recycling policy is set to soon be released in a future issue of township newsletter.