Work scheduled for Kelly and Waterloo roads

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    STANHOPE n Maintenance of the borough's roads rather than emergency repair is the objective of a five-year plan started by the municipality two years ago. As a continuance of that goal, on July 26, the borough council awarded two separate road contracts to Tomaro Contracting Co., Inc. The first project, at a cost of $237,000, involves the construction of an extension to the water main at Kelly Place and Waterloo Road. The second contract, for $194,000, covers the cost of reconstruction of the same roads. The project is scheduled to start in the early fall and is expected to be completed within two or three months. Last year municipal officials applied for grants from to the State Department of Transportation. As a result, Stanhope expects to receive approximately $100,000 toward the project from the state's Transportation Trust Fund. The municipality will cover the remainder of the cost of the project. The project, which also will include the replacement of the water main and the installation of curving on the roads affected, is not expected to create major inconvenience for area drivers. "The work will be completed in phases so traffic should not be impacted," said Stanhope Road Department Supervisor William Storm, adding that if detours are necessary, they should be no more than a block out of the way. Mayor Diana Kuncken cited the project as an example of the practical approach the borough takes to safeguard its infrastructure. "We feel it's necessary to be pro-active rather than wait. We pride ourselves in keeping our infrastructure in good shape," said Kuncken.