Seniors need help with heating bill

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    To the Editor: The Division of Senior Services Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to examine the needs of seniors in Sussex County and help design ways to address them. Members include government representatives, county agencies, and individuals from the community whose work or passion is connected to service for seniors. At our October meeting, there was alarming concern expressed over the rising cost of fuel and its impact on individuals with limited or fixed incomes. More specifically, the Council anticipates serious implications for seniors who are responsible for paying their heating bills this coming winter. Letters were drafted to our State legislators strongly recommending legislation to provide some programming to address this shortfall. But we can’t rely on government alone. As the season of thanksgiving and gift-giving approaches, we encourage you to think of agencies, in our own backyard that offer heating assistance, such as People Help. Your generosity may keep the heat on for your next-door neighbor, a member of the Greatest Generation. Linda Pinto Co-Chair Division of Senior Services Advisory Council