Share patriotism with your children

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:08

    When my children were young I would take them to the Memorial Day Parade every year and that remains one of their favorite memories. The flags waving, the pride in our great military and civic groups was a unique and very special experience. Northern New Jersey citizens have an opportunity to expose their children to that unique experience at a March for Military Families taking place at 12 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 13. There is so much negativity in our environment about government that we often forget those in uniform making daily sacrifices for those of us on the home front. It is vitally important that we infect our children with patriotism so that they have respect and reverence for those men and women serving our country. All politics aside, we are a free and prosperous nation thanks to the soldiers that have ensured our freedoms. We are safe on our shores thanks to those soldiers who stand in harm's way that we might live safely and securely. United Way of Northern New Jersey in partnership with Leadership Morris has established a means to say thanks to our citizen soldiers. The March for Military Families will support the Frontline Fund, dedicated to emergency financial and general assistance for families of deployed soldiers. It is an important piece of the support network provided to families of active military. The March is an excellent opportunity for parents to educate their children on the importance of our military and the sacrifices the 1 percent make on behalf of the 99 percent of our population. I urge parents to make it a family outing and ignite patriotism in your children. The March is less than two miles around the County College of Morris and is stroller and wheelchair friendly. Join us in supporting this silent group, military families that dedicate their very lives to supporting us. Mary Emilius Glenwood