Book Signing by Arthur Scwatz and Rozanne Gold

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:32

    STANHOPE — Restaurant critic Arthur Schwartz and cookbook author Rozanne Gold will host a book-signing event at Bell's Mansion, 11 Main Street in Stanhope, on Sunday, Dec. 18. The event, sponsored by the Stanhope Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Bell's Mansion, will be held from 2-4 p.m. Gold, a chef, author and international restaurant consultant, is considered one of the most prominent women in the food industry. She is a four-time winner of the James Beard Award and is the author of 12 cookbooks. Her most recent book, "Radically Simple," was selected as one of the most important cookbooks of the last 25 years. Schwartz was called by the New York Times Magazine a "Walking Google of food and restaurant knowledge." In his 40-year career he has written six award winning cookbooks. His "New York City Food" was named cookbook of the year for 2005. He served as the restaurant critic and food editor for the New York Daily News for 18 years and for 13 years he hosted a food program for WOR Radio in New York City. He was also been named cooking teacher of the year. Both will be signing and selling their award-winning books. For additional information, call Bell's Mansion at 973-426-9977.