Jazz Guitar Workshop with Frank Vignola

| 31 Jan 2019 | 09:30

    Join Jazz Guitar Master Frank Vignola, for an all-day Jazz Guitar Workshop, exploring and discussing jazz guitar, chord development, improvisation and techniques! The workshop will be held at the Mahwah Museum, 201 Franklin Turnpike Mahwah, NJ 07430, on Saturday, March 9, 2019 and will run from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    The workshop will conclude with a private performance for the students by Vignola The $85.00 cost includes take-home materials, lunch, and a two-year museum membership. Students are asked to bring a guitar (acoustic or archtop, preferably, as amplifiers will be limited) to the workshop.
    About the workshop: Bring your guitar and be ready to play all day.
    Beginner, intermediate, and advanced players are welcome. Because this is primarily a jazz guitar workshop, all attendee’s should know a major 7th, dominate 9th, and minor 7th chord, as well as be able to play a few songs. Players of all genres will benefit from the curriculum.
    A repertoire of 10 standards will be provided to each participant via email prior to the workshop.
    Frank leads the class through warm-up exercises that could be incorporated into your daily practice routine. He also leads the group through the repertoire of the 10 songs sent to all in advance of the workshop. Frank will also discuss the importance of melody and how to take the melody of a song, spice it up a bit, and create an improvised solo.
    Guitarists tend to think in positions and specific registers of the guitar but we need to get out of the box! Frank will explore how you can take something as basic as an arpeggio or chord tones and expand it to cover the entire fretboard, and how to integrate this way of thinking into your practice and performance.
    For further information, contact programs@mahwahmuseum.org