Jennings coming to the Stanhope House

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:02

STANHOPE — Mary Jennings, who uses the one-name moniker "Jennings" on stage, is coming to the Stanhope House on Nov. 16. Standing just a shade over five feet tall, Jennings delivers a robust and heartfelt sound that is anything but small-scale on her new album Collapse Collide. Her music reflects an enormous strength and drive that is uniquely hers, combining a deep range of rock and pop influences with an unabashed sense of vintage style. Collapse Collide is a project that reflects an artist, and a woman, who has confidently found her voice over the course of a long, and at times, heart-breaking journey. Platinum award winning producer John Rowe called Jennings' music "creative and original...A breath of fresh air." Jennings has worked with Billboard-charting songwriters, toured with national acts and has had a number of her songs placed on popular television shows. The Stanhope House is located at 45 Main Street in Stanhope. For more information call them at 973-347-7777.