Local author co-pens book detailing spiritual events

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:18

    SPARTA — Through a friendship that has spanned decades, co-authors Laura Terry of Sparta and Cheryl McCausland of Rockhill, N.Y. analyze otherwise unexplainable events to demonstrate the connection human beings have to one another and to God. The extraordinary encounters, including those experienced by Terry's younger sister Tracy, are detailed in "Intertwined: Humble Journeys on the Pathway to God." With raw honesty, the authors reveal life-altering moments of grace when God, through angels and other messengers, made His presence known. Readers are invited into the authors' soul-searching and encouraged to reflect on their own life journeys. The story tracks the spiritual evolvement of the three women in a 'fireside chat' type of manner. Author Terry's journey begins in childhood as she witnesses unusual events involving younger sister Tracy. It takes an unanticipated turn years later while she participates in a corporate sponsored competition. Co-author McCausland's journey seems to simmer and then advance full force after an accident nearly took her life. Tracy's journey varies greatly from those of the co-authors and reflects a life filled with extraordinary abilities and spirit encounters. After struggling to understand God's desires for her, she now openly shares her story to encourage others who are similarly situated to release the fear that prevents them from embracing their gifts. Laura Terry lives in Sparta with her husband and children. She is an interior decorator who volunteers as an adult leader for her church youth group. Cheryl McCausland lives in Rock Hill, New York with her husband and children. She's been a lawyer since 1986 and is active in her community. She volunteers as a Catechist and an adult leader for the Church of St. Peter CYO in Monticello.