Plunge into Lake Mohawk is for a stone cold good cause

Sparta. Dip a toe or go all in: The Sparta Elks say you don’t have to brave the icy waters to support their “Chillin’ For Our Children” fundraiser, which supports a summer camp for special kids.

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| 15 Mar 2022 | 04:15

The Sparta Elks Lodge #2356 is holding its Charity Plunge into Lake Mohawk on Sunday, March 27. The minimum pledge is $50, and all proceeds will benefit Elks Camp Moore, which offers special children a fun-filled week vacation away from home, along with many other Elks charities.

Elks Camp Moore develops the recreational and social skills of each child in a relaxed and accepting atmosphere. Each camper experiences new adventures, lasting friendships, and opportunities that promote independence and self-confidence. All children are sponsored by the local Elks Lodge in their community at no cost to their families.

Are you more chicken than penguin? You can still raise pledges, then dip a toe or finger in the lake to show your “non-plunge” support.

The Elks are encouraging plungers to form teams with co-workers, family, and friends. Feel free to dress in costume or with your corporate colors and try for the best costume awards.

A signed waiver is needed to participate. For more information, email

What: Sparta Elks Charity Plunge Into Lake Mohawk, 6 West Shore Trail, Sparta
When: Sunday, March 27, at 12 p.m.
Where: Lake Mohawk Beach #1
Registration: 11-11:45 a.m. in the Sparta Elks Boardwalk Room
How much: $50 minimum pledge (includes complimentary food at lodge). Make checks payable to Sparta Elks and send them to P.O. Box 701, Sparta, NJ 07871.
Corporate Sponsor ship: $500 minimum
Wear your plunge “attire” under your clothes to avoid changing at the Pljnge.
Remember that you will be exiting the water quickly, so do not wear anything that may be heavy when wet. Be creative with your plunge attire!
Bring a robe, blanket, towel, or jacket to wear while waiting to plunge and or when you get out of the water. A towel to dry off as well as an extra towel to stand on is also a good idea.
Wear tennis or water shoes. Not only is the ground freezing, but your feet will be numb in the water and its good precaution.
Bring loose fitting easy-on clothing and shoes to change into after the plunge. Your fingers and toes won’t be working swell!
Bring your signed waiver and all money collected with you to registration table.
Bring a plastic bag for wet clothes.
Have a dry partner to take care of your belongings and take pictures while you’re in the water.
Plunge if you have any heart or serious medical condition.
Dive or somersault — the water is shallow!
Show up right before the start time. You will need time to check-in and prepare.
Drink alcohol prior (alcohol does not warm you up but actually accelerates hypothermia).
Forget to smile and have fun!
Two towels
Blanket, robe or jacket
Tennis or water shoes
Change of clothes and shoes
Plastic bag
Signed waiver
Collected money