Reality star in town to help launch tequila line

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:48

SPARTA — “This chapter of my life is all about me,” said Cheryl Caruso, one of the stars of the hit show, “I Married A Mobster,” who signed autographed photos, and bottles of Talero Tequila at Burke’s Wine and Liquors in Sparta on Oct. 14. Caruso, who has a background in the spirits, hospitality, and nightclub industries is a partner in marketing the organic tequila. She is most known for her role on Investigation Discovery on “I Married A Mobster”, and is one of eight women who tells her story about life as a mob-wife. Caruso said she had no idea her husband, Phil, aka “Philly” was part of the mob. She soon discovered her husband was a whole different man than she initially married, and was leading a double life. “I went into something totally blindsided,” she said. While her husband was in jail for racketeering and drug-dealing charges, Caruso ended up raising their two daughters on her own by holding down three jobs. Her youngest daughter has just started her first year of college. “I Married A Mobster” will go into its second season, with a reunion between the mob wives who, off camera, have bonded and formed friendships with one another.