Stillwater resident plays Tom Sawyer

| 25 Apr 2012 | 02:07

By Laurie Gordon BLAIRSTOWN — Noah Keppler was nothing short of spectacular in his role as Tom Sawyer this past weekend. Known for his skill as a runner and his Boy Scout activities, no one knew the eighth-grader from Stillwater could act. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" was presented three times over the weekend at the Historic Blairstown Theatre. Keppler, who attends the Ridge and Valley Charter School, had two acts with five scenes each to memorize. "I went into the play thinking I would get some small part but ended up getting the part of Tom Sawyer," said Keppler. "I was shocked to learn that all the people I know got pretty big parts too." Despite the surprise of landing the leading role, he diligently rehearsed, memorized and executed his role like a pro. Also on the stage was his brother, Charlie, a freshman at Sussex Tech, as Injin Joe. Stillwater Township School sixth-graders Phoebe Livingston and Willow Meredith were also on the bill, playing Becky Thatcher and Amy Lawrence, respectively. And then there was Sandi Livingston, Phoebe's mother, who recently beat breast cancer. Sandi Livingston went outside her comfort zone and not only auditioned for the play, but was fantastic on stage playing the part of Judge Thatcher. "Well, that's another thing off my bucket list," said the elder Livingston. The show was a Salad City production and was written by Dave Barton and Matt Bond, based on the novel by Mark Twain.