Students spend ‘An Afternoon with Shakespeare'

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    SPARTA-Students and teachers at Sparta High School recently presented their seventh Annual Poetry Festival in the Media Center of the school. Participants enjoyed a day of reading and discussing poetry as well as a delicious buffet lunch. The theme for the Poetry Festival was "An Afternoon with Shakespeare." Lynn Goodwin's ninth grade Honors and College Prep Language Arts classes shared Power Point presentations on Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era using the SMART Board. They also wrote sonnets which they read during the Festival. The Poetry Festival is part of the Art Across the Curriculum Symposium, a project made possible by an Action Grant received from the Sparta Board of Education. Teachers Mary Ann Hyland, Daria Koester, Dorothy Peselli-Hauser, Carol Scheese, Lynne Goodwin, Angela Trzcinski, Margaret Incantalupo and Craig Merrill developed the project which was designed to integrate technology in the study of the arts. The students and staff also had the opportunity to visit the Media Center throughout the day and read selected published works as well as their own poems.