Superhero comes to life for Hamburg artist

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    HAMBURG-Superhero Amanda Blake, says graphic designer Paul Kane, has been "running around my head for five years," and she has finally come to life through the pages of a comic book. With a love for comic books that goes back to childhood, Kane has paired with artist Chris Ring to publish their first project, The Perfect Victim. "After many rejects," said Kane, "I found a little niche designing websites for comic book artists, and I was able to utilize contacts I made through the site to find the artist for the book." It is the first comic book out of PMK Imagination, Kane's company. Publishing the book independently has allowed the author to have complete control over the project. The book is designed as a series with a "story arc" beginning in the first issue, which ends in a cliff hanger, and continuing to the second issue to complete the story. The story features Amanda Baker, the daughter of two Olympic medal winners, who has lost her family and now seeks vengeance in the streets of Obsidian. Kane says, "She is a philanthropist by day and a do-gooder by night. She is an amalgam of many heros, a strong female. The book is a cross between Batman and Mission Impossible." The market for the "graphic novel" is a consumer between 28-42 years old, as the narratives, Kane says, are "fascinating stories with art attached that are geared to the adult reader." The story lines go from political satire to social commentary and include some ground-breaking story telling. He added, "People are missing out on these books, because they think of comic books as ‘Archie.'" The Perfect Victim #1 contains artwork of inkwash interiors (gray-tones) and features a full color cover. "It looks slick and professional," said Kane. Kane's next project is publishing a 152-page anthology of the works of Edgar Allen Poe with artwork attached to each tale done by different artists and a cover of his own design to be released in the spring of this year. Ring is working on a sketchbook of his artwork for spring release. The Perfect Victim #1 is available at various book signings, online at, and, with the completion of the second edition, in comic book stores nationwide. The author and artist will be signing books from 3-8 p.m. on Feb. 23 at Bob's Collectables, 99 Route 23 North, Hamburg.