Two Spooktacular experiences coming to Wild West City

Byram. The Daytime Spooky Wild West Fest will happen on Saturday and Sunday in October, while Main Street will become a Halloweentown.

| 29 Sep 2022 | 01:21

Wild West City will become a Ghost Town this Halloween season with plenty of spooky activities for cow-boos and cow-ghouls.

Haunted Wild West Fest offers a fun and spooky daytime experience and a haunted nighttime experience the entire month of October.

The Daytime Spooky Wild West Fest happens every Saturday and Sunday starting Oct. 1 and will feature classic Wild West City shows with a Halloween twist. The Main Street turns into a spooky and fun Halloween town where you can expect appearances from the headless horseman, Zombie Can-Can girls and more. Children 12 and under can trick or treat and participate in the daytime costume contest which will have three categories; funniest, most creative and scariest.

Wild West City’s Main Street, a replica of Dodge City of the 1880s, and all its buildings will be decked out for Halloween with lights and effects. Special spooky cocktails will be offered by the Golden Nugget Saloon for those 21 and over.

Along with all the spooky fun going on during the daytime, all the activities you know and love at Wild West City will also be available, including the Stagecoach ride and Train ride. Guests can also learn a spell or two at the Wild West City School House, visit the Blacksmith shop, head on down to Haunted Mine and try your luck striking gold.

When the sun goes down, though, the fear level goes up and the fun, spooky town of Wild West City turns into a scary ghost town.

On Friday and Saturday nights starting Oct. 7, Wild West City will have a Haunted Train Ride and a Haunted Walking Trail.

The town folks have had unsettling occurrences in the town and are heading West. Rumor is that you need to watch out for the man with the tall hat and to beware of being measured by him as you will then be headed to the Promised Land.

The Golden Nugget Saloon will be open after the first train ride makes its way into town serving food and spooky cocktails for those 21 and over.

All ages are welcome for daytime Wild West Fest events. Parents can use their discretion for the Night Time Haunted Train and Trail. Evening activities are best suited for braver children (12 & up), teens and adults.

The full schedule for Haunted Wild West Fest are 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, through Oct. 30, and 6:30-10 p.m. Wild West City is also open Columbus Day, Monday Oct. 10, and Fridays and Saturdays, through Oct. 29. Tickets are now available and pre-booking online is strongly recommended, particularly for the nighttime events. For tickets and more about the Haunted Wild West Fest go to