Dentistry Expert Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi: Smokeless Tobacco

| 06 Dec 2018 | 02:24

Smokeless tobacco, aka chewing tobacco, spitting tobacco, oral tobacco, dip, and other names, but the 2 basic types are chewing tobacco, and snuff. Some side effects are:
• Scratching and wearing down of teeth
• Bad breath
• Sloughing of gum tissue, gum disease leading to tooth loss
• Stained and discolored teeth
Smokeless tobacco is often marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking, or as a way to help you quit smoking, but it's not a healthy alternative! There are still oral dangers to smokeless tobacco. Quitting is the only way to lower your risk for tobacco and tobacco-related products.

Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi
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