Where in Andover?

| 24 Feb 2022 | 05:35

Congratulations to readers who correctly identified the detail in last week’s Where in Andover? clue.

“You can buy guns, ammo, bait, kayaks, rod, reels and almost every other sporting item at Hunt and Fish Sporting Goods, Main Street, Andover Borough,” writes Guy Puffer of Andover. “This location has had several businesses over the years as I recall having coffee there in a restaurant reading about the Three-Mile Island’s worst U.S. nuclear disaster in Penna. as it was unfolding in 1979, and then in 1989 passing by and smelling the aroma of fresh, fried chicken wafting from the exhaust fans of Mother Fletcher’s Chicken Restaurant.”

Great memories!

“Andover Hunt and Fish on Route 206 North,” writes Patricia Mascenik. “I’ve been living in Byram since 2019 and driving past I always slow down and some day soon I’m going to pull in and buy gifts for my family.”

Other readers to get the answer right are Larry Condit, Trevor Havens, Bob Woods, and Joe Scozzafava of Newton; Gary Klaver of Stanhope; Bill Corin and Edward Pavlick of Stanhope; and Jim Leonard of Byram. Outstanding work.

Thank you for playing along.