Where in Andover?

| 03 Feb 2022 | 12:20

Congratulations to all the many readers who correctly identified the detail in last week’s Where in Andover? clue. It sure did get a lot of recognition.

“The holiday wreath in the window welcomes all to Andover Borough Fire Department, the building having been built by the firemen themselves in 1954,” writes Guy Puffer-member ABFD, retired. “Picture shows meeting room to the left and fire-truck bays to the right, and in the rear was a large hall capable of seating 200 persons at tables, which were occupied for many years at the annual ABFD rock-style clambakes which were heavily attended, In 1964 was the 34th consecutive clambake and continued into the 1970’s.”

Wonderful details! Others who got the answer right are Jim Leonard of Byram; Larry Condit, Bob Woods, Michele Hess, Frank J. Cherichella, and Trevor Havens of Newton; and Donna Frenenski and Gary Klaver of Stanhope. Nice work everybody.

Thank you for playing along.