Where in Andover?

| 07 Oct 2021 | 02:39

Congratulations to readers who correctly identified the detail in last week’s Where in Andover? clue.

Guy Puffer of Andover gives some interesting background with his answer: “Entrance to the Sussex Branch walking trail on Route 206, Andover Borough, about 75’ north of the N.J. Forest Fire Headquarter facility. The ‘Sussex Branch’ name originates from fact that the walking trail was once a railroad bed of the Lackawanna Railroad with a ‘branch’ running from Netcong to Andover, Newton, and finally Branchville. Since most of the towns were in Sussex County it was aptly named the ‘Sussex Branch.’”

Other readers to get the answer right are Larry Condit and Bob Woods of Newton and Jim Leonard of Stanhope.

Thank you for playing along.