Where in Newton?

Newton /
| 11 Nov 2021 | 04:25

Congratulations to the many library lovers out there who correctly identified the detail in last week’s Where in Newton? clue.

A.J. Salvas of Byram Township gives some background with his correct answer: “It’s the Dennis Library, on the corner of Main and Elm Streets, built in 1938. It is not the original library, however. The original was built in 1872 by Alfred Dennis, from Newark. It was located on Main Street, right where the post office is today. That Victorian-style building was also called the Opera House, as it included a theater on the third floor. In the late 1950’s it was torn down, and the post office was built and opened in 1959.”

Larry Condit of Newton adds that “the county is planning a 7 million dollar expansion adding to the back if the existing building, saving the historic building on Main Street.”

Heather McDevitt, Deborah Corbett, Debbie Havens, Linda Gang, Bob Woods, and Barbara Burton of Newton; Guy Puffer of Andover; Laurette Koserowski and Jim Leonard of Byram Township; and “Moose” MacMillan of Denville. Excellent work.

Jim Leonard submitted his correct answer to the previous week’s clue — “This is a photo of the Famous Brand Shoes (vacant) and Par Troy Sound of Newton storefronts, Sussex County Mall, Newton” — just after last week’s edition went to press.

Thank you for playing along.