Where in Stanhope?

| 25 Mar 2021 | 02:10

Congratulations to readers who knew where to find the answers to last week’s Where in Stanhope? clue.

Guy Puffer of Andover writes, “Welcome Cowpokes! This way to the entrance of Wild West City, Lackawanna Drive, Stanhope, NJ!”

Others to get it right are Joe Scozzafava and Larry Condit of Newton; Linda Sulpy, Ken Varian, and Solweig P. Vonminden of Byram; Bob Woods of Newton; Bill Corin, Janett Gibbons, Anna Marie Klaver, and Edd Pavlick of Stanhope; Debbie Tardive and Chris Cooke of Andover; and Moose MacMillan of Denville. Nice work!

Our apologies for getting in late the following readers who correctly identified Valley Road School in Stanhope the previous week. Congrats to Robbin Kenny, Brigitte Dehlin (“my younger son goes there”), Donna Frenenski, Linda White, Jim Leonard, Lorraine Frazier, Ann L. de Jongh, and Margaret Lewis and grandchildren of Stanhope; Larry Condit, Michele Hess, Louis Schnell, and Joe Scozzafava of Newton; Guy Puffer of Andover; Michael Phillips of Fredon; Patricia Cartwright of Andover.

Thanks for playing!