Where in Stanhope?

| 09 Sep 2021 | 10:22

Congratulations to readers who knew where to find the detail in last week’s Where in Stanhope? clue.

Donna Frenenski of Stanhope provides some interesting background with her correct answer: “The basketball courts at Salmon Park, Main St., Stanhope. The basketball courts are built over the old Morris Canal., major waterway of the nineteenth century that moved Pennsylvania coal from Philipsburg to the Hudson River at Jersey City.”

“Part of the Canal still exists on the East-side of the courts,” notes Guy Puffer of Andover.

Other readers to get the answer right are Luisa Rios of Stanhope, Rick and Cassy Scherr of Andover, Jim Leonard of Byram, and Bob Woods and Larry Condit of Newton. Good work.

Thank you for playing along.