International students experience life at Kittatinny

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:27

NEWTON — Three exchange students are spending one school year in tenth grade classrooms at Kittatinny Regional High School and are being hosted by families in the Kittatinny district. They are Kanta Takakura from Japan, Margaux Poullard from France, and Fynn Roberts from Germany. Roberts is being hosted by Hampton residents Kelly and Tony Salerno and their son Matthew, who is a Kittatinny student. The activities that keep Fynn busy in Berlin, Germany, are soccer, bowling, swimming and working on the computer. He is impressed with the many sports activities that are available at Kittatinny and the large number of students in the school. He is happy to be able to play soccer with the Kittatinny team. What he likes best about his visit is the fact that teachers and students are so nice. Kanta Takakura is being hosted by Hampton residents William and Lisa Fischer and their son, Nicholas, who is also a student at Kittatinny. Kanta keeps busy at home in Osaka, Japan, by practicing his skills on the drum. He said it’s difficult for him to say what he likes best about his visit because “there are so many good things.” He appreciates that he has been able to continue his drum practice by getting involved with the Kittatinny Marching Band. He is impressed with the kindness and friendship shown to him not only by the members of the band, but also by the New Jersey people in general. Stillwater residents Denise and Dave Current are hosting Margaux Poullard from Normandy, France, who enjoys windsurfing, running, drawing and cooking. Margaux has been able to get involved with Kittatinny Cross Country and the school’s annual yearbook. She is most impressed with the students’ team spirit and their representation of the school colors. She admires the patriotism shown by American citizens in their enthusiastic display of the symbol of their freedoms - the American Flag. In a related activity, Kittatinny students, staff and community welcomed a one-week visit of 27 students and four teacher chaperones from the College of Saint Louis in Dagneux, France. The visitors were hosted by families in the Kittatinny district and spent two school days at Kittatinny shadowing their host students and sharing their school schedules and activities. During their stay, they also enjoyed four full days in New York City, touring on a Manhattan Skyline cruise and sightseeing at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Many Dagneux students made presentations to students in the classroom, explaining their everyday lives and the culture of their country. A pot luck dinner was held in the school cafeteria on their final evening and many tears were shed at the goodbye bagel breakfast that was given in their honor on the day they departed. This is the second consecutive year that Kittatinny has hosted students from France. It paves the way for international friendships that continue with letters, text messages, e-mail notes and telephone calls.