A better use of money?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:55

    To the Editor: We are all aware of the tragedy that has decimated New Orleans and other parts of the Southeastern United States. Our government has called this the greatest catastrophe to ever befall this country and has asked for assistance from every one of us to help alleviate the enormous pain and suffering and displacement of hundreds of thousands whose lives will never be whole again. Too many have lost too much. What we might NOT all be aware of is that the County of Sussex is in the first stages of replacing a small bridge at the end of Possum Glen Road that has been out of service for several years - a bridge from nowhere to nowhere that existed solely as a shortcut for those few who knew of it. The estimated cost for this small bridge is to be in excess of one half-million dollars. It is hard, in light of all that is going on around us not to question whether or not that money could be put to better use. In this time of national tragedy wouldn't it be appropriate to donate the amount set aside for this bridge to fellow Americans in dire need? Other countries, including third world nations are contributing generously to assist our citizens in this calamity. Should we not also take care of our own? Arlene Wolff Sussex