Andover students showcase their art for the community

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    ANDOVER-Only the best of the best was on display at Long Pond School last week, where student artwork was displayed at an art exhibit. The school's doors opened to the community on May 24, to let people admire the art work of local middle school children. The exhibit featured one piece of artwork from every fifth- through eighth-grader in the school district. Each student had selected his or her best work for the show. "By doing this, they can be proud of their work and show it off to friends and family," said Mindy Star-Pfahler, art teacher at Long Pond School. "So often, parents are left out of the middle school years." Hundreds of spectators perused the various displays that extended into the courtyard, lobby and main hallway. "This display is truly magnificent," said Mary Sweeney, mother of one of the young artists. "I just think it's outstanding that we have absolute artists right here in Andover." In addition to printed art, the show included model bridges and airplanes created by students to help them understand basic laws of physics. The festival also showcased the students' musical talent when seventh- and eighth-graders held their spring concert. The day was sponsored by the Andover School Parent Teacher Association. A similar event is scheduled to take place this week at the Florence M. Burd for elementary school students.