Bryam Township puts local delinquent taxpayers on notice

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:48

    BYRAM-Byram is owed approximately $340,000 from residents who have not paid their taxes. And the township wants its money. Town Manager Gregory Poff is developing a collection strategy for approval by the township council. Most residents have paid their property taxes, but slightly over 2 percent of those who live in Byram are currently delinquent. A recent independent audit of the 2004 township budget indicates that all is well with its finances. The auditor delivered the good news to the town council last week. "The auditor essentially told us that we are managed well," said Poff. "But frankly, there weren't any surprises." The town started the 2005 fiscal year with close to a $1.5 million surplus, but those monies are used throughout the year to pay for recreation, open space purchases, and other operational expenditures. According to Poff, it is too early to tell if residents are facing a tax increase for the coming year. That won't be determined until November or December. It is known, however, that those currently hooked up to the sewer system will likely get a rate increase. The $138,000 sewer fund has been used up to keep the rates stable until now. With those funds gone, the township is looking to raise rates. Poff said a new rate schedule has yet to be determined but that the township is working on developing one.