Business group to partner with Byram

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:51

    BYRAM-The Sussex County Economic Development Partnership is looking to help create jobs in Byram. The partnership's Director of Client and Community Services Mary Emilius, recently approached the Byram Township Council in hopes to partner with the municipality to bring new business to the area. "We are focusing on the 11 townships (in Sussex County) that have growth centers already designed and approved by the state," said Emilius. "We are looking for tracks adjacent to centers to develop. This would help to increase jobs in the area and piggyback with efforts already underway." The partnership provides commercial cite development, financial assistance and counseling services to prospective business looking to relocate to the area. And, according to Emilius, all of their efforts are free of charge to Byram. "We are a non-profit service," said Emilius. "Our door is open and we are doing business. We are there to help municipalities and we have no fees." The organization is charged with working to develop opportunities in Sussex County, focusing on agriculture and tourism. And while they will entertain any business options in order to create jobs, Emilius said the partnership is specifically excluding large retailers such as Wal-Mart. "We are looking for viable wage providers, not big box retailers who have been recently pointed out to us as low wage employers," said Emilius. Out of all of the municipalities in the county, Byram is one of particular interest to the organization due to the progress the township has made on establishing and developing a business center. "Byram is ahead of the pack," said Emilius. "Only a few others have planners on board and growth centers approved."