Lake House Cafe opens new location in Andover

ANDOVER. Owners of the Sparta restaurant bring their second location to a historic area.

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| 17 Jan 2023 | 02:14

The historic town of Andover Borough has retained a semblance of bygone days, with its picturesque antique shops and black wrought-iron lamp posts up and down Main Street.

Then there is the famous Gristmill building, once home to the Grist Mill Playhouse.

Nestled in the plaza next door is the new Lake House Cafe at 5 Lenape Road. The restaurant’s original location remains at 8 White Deer Plaza in Sparta.

Co-owner Albie Parisella said the new location was chosen because of the loyal patronage of Andover residents and those of surrounding communities.

Parisella and his partner and brother-in-law, Terry Clarke, are grateful to residents for helping the business to survive the coronavirus pandemic when many restaurants did not.

During the past couple of years, Parisella took a cross-country motorcycle trip and saw first-hand the impact of the pandemic on many local businesses and restaurants.

Feeling blessed, he and his staff are committed to customer service and preparation of a diverse exciting menu.

While scouting areas of Andover for the Lake House Cafe’s new location, Parisella was drawn to the intimate feel of the historic building, with its hand-laid stonework.

The restaurant retains the hardwood floors and original stone fireplace, and an antique photo of the location hangs on the wall.

A hardwood American flag made by Parisella hangs on the far wall.

The restaurant is very much a family business, with Clarke responsible for much of the day-to-day operations.

Parisella’s wife, Ailbhe, continues to spend hours preparing menu items in the kitchen and his sisters JoAnn and Louise Parisella help prepare meals and welcome customers.

The Parisellas’ daughter Abigail is reflected in the artwork of the Lake House Cafe’s logo, which depicts a delicate little flower.