Woodbury Common announces big changes ahead

Central Valley. The plan includes more stores and more draw for tourists

| 22 Sep 2023 | 01:07

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets recently gave some insight into the future of this retail hub. The plans include adding new stores and restaurants, a hotel and a second parking garage, in addition to other property upgrades. Woodbury Common promises the changes will “generate substantial annual tax revenues and economic benefits while attracting increased tourism to the county and region.”

“Woodbury Common Premium Outlets has been proud to be a dynamic source of economic growth generating hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue and thousands of jobs, as well as being a caring community neighbor,” said David Mistretta, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets general manager. “This visionary proposal will further energize Woodbury Common, Orange County and the entire Hudson Valley as a world-class shopping and tourism destination that is so crucial to the region’s economic success today and in the future.”

The plans include: 155,000 gross square feet of new retail/restaurant space, a parking deck with at least 3,000 spaces that will consolidate surface parking areas and reduce pedestrian/vehicular intersections, 21,000 gross square feet of tenant storage space for merchants, and a 200-room hotel to be built in the later stages of the project.

Woodbury Common also will also revamp the outlet’s design with what the company described as “pedestrian-focused,” with additional walkways, improved crosswalks and enhanced signage, a new children’s play area, and new landscaping.

Village of Woodbury Mayor Andrew Giacomazza applauded the news. “Woodbury Common has long been an elite destination because of its premier, and unique, shopping experience. This plan seeks to strengthen that brand advantage and power an even greater future,” he said. “The Village of Woodbury looks forward to learning more about how this exciting proposal can benefit our residents, businesses and tax base.”

Woodbury Town Supervisor Thomas Burke offered similar comments. “Woodbury Common has exponentially advanced quality of life in the Town of Woodbury through its economic firepower and deep involvement in our community. We eagerly await further details of this proposal and how Woodbury Common can deepen its roots to fuel a brighter economic future for our town and those who live, work and play here.”

Woodbury Common submitted a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) to the Village of Woodbury Planning Board to launch the municipal-review process.

In its announcement, the outlet said these upgrades would also add 770 additional full-time and part-time jobs, plus an additional 296 “indirect and induced jobs” in New York State. During the construction phase, it will also call for 2,000 direct and indirect construction jobs, including 1,659 on-site. The construction portion of the project is expected to generate $250 million for the local and state economies.

“Woodbury Common’s improvements will benefit Orange County communities and our tourism industry for years to come,” said Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus. “We’re grateful that since Day 1, Woodbury Common has been a great neighbor, created numerous entry-level and career path jobs and been a major driver of both sales tax revenue and regional economic opportunity.”

State Sen. James Skoufis (D-42) said, “The next phase of expansion will create both construction and permanent retail jobs while working within the existing footprint of Woodbury Common. I am excited to see this investment in the Hudson Valley and thank Simon for the open communication. Importantly, the project will significantly expand the sales and property tax base in the village, town, and school district without a meaningful increase in traffic.”