Byram candidates announced

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:35

    BYRAM — Hats have been thrown into the ring for Byram’s municipal elections which are scheduled to be held on November 8. Carlos B. Luaces, Scott Olson, Harvey S. Roseff, Eskil S. Danielson and Nisha Kash have all filed petitions for the three open council positions. Council members Daniel Rafferty and Brian Thompson have both decided not to seek reelection. Luaces has been a Byram resident since 2007 and is a first generation American. He said he hopes to bring his construction experience to the township and help maximize its tax dollars. Incumbent Scott Olson said “my leadership and experience working for Byram will be the focus of my reelection efforts” and “maintaining and prioritizing services to Byram residents - given the challenges and restrictions of the current economy and recent state legislation - will continue to be one of my top priorities.” Harvey S. Roseff has been a Byram resident for 24 years. Roseff said he is “going for a focus on regionalizing services or the budget is going to continually lose the ability to serve the tax payer.” Eskil S. Danielson is running again after a failed election bid in 2009. “I've been serving Byram for a long time and I would like to continue to do so.” Danielson has regularly attended council and planning board meetings. Nisha Kash has lived in Byram for seven years and is raising her daughter here. Kash wants “to ensure that Byram continues to be the best place to raise a family.” Historically Byram has held elections in May. Last year the council decided in 3-2 vote to move the municipal elections to coincide with the November elections as a cost-saving measure. However, the non-partisan form of government has not changed so party affiliations will not appear on the ballot. Carlos B. Luaces, Eskil S. Danielson and Nisha Kash are registered Republicans. Scott Olson and Harvey S. Roseff are both undeclared.