Byram contest showcases youths' skills

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:13

    BYRAM-A Pitch, Hit and Run competition was held at Neil Gylling Park in Byram on Sunday, May 2.  Pitch Hit and Run is a nationwide event sponsored by Pepsi and Major League Baseball that allows youngsters to showcase their talents in pitching, hitting and running with scores determined by individual performances in each skills event.  Participants from all over Sussex County were invited to the event, as long as they hadn't participated in a local competition anywhere else.  The event was run by Byram Recreation and Parks with the assistance of several volunteers from the American Legion Baseball program.  The winners in each age category were as follows: 7-8 year olds :Overall Champion: Patrick McNamara from the Stanhope section of Byram Pitch Champion: Patrick McNamara   Hit Champion: Patrick McNamara Run Champion: tie between Patrick McNamara and Chris Scafani from the Andover section of Byram. 9-10 year olds: Overall Champion: Brian Vinniski from Vernon Pitch Champion: Miles McDonald from the Andover section of Byram Hit Champion: Brian Vinniski Run Champion: Brian Vinniski 11-12 year olds    Overall. Pitch, Hit, and Run Champion competitions were all won by Thomas Healy from the Andover section of Byram.