Byrams takes aim at massage shops

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:15

    Byram - Byram's legislative body is considering an ordinance that would require both massage therapists and establishments to be licensed in order to operate within the municipality. "Byram Township officials have reason to believe that more than just massages are being given at some massage locations," said Township Manager Gregory Poff. "I am not a detective, and I cannot substantiate any type of alleged activity, but this proposal is straight forward." In addition to requiring permits, the legislation would also make massage locations subject to bi-yearly inspections by both township and county officials. At the meeting, held Monday, Aug. 2, neither specific massage locations nor descriptions of the type of "inappropriate" activity being performed were discussed by the council. In addition, health guidelines in the proposed ordinance will ensure the facilities meet local sanitary standards. "I think the idea of regulations is fabulous," said certified massage therapist and personal trainer Diane M. Grecsek during an interview earlier this week. Grecsek practices for Integrated Fitness and Therapeutic Massage located on Waterloo Road in Byram. She said she would not be opposed to the proposed regulations. "If you have the background to support what you are doing, you wouldn't have a problem with this," said Grecsek, adding that that new legislation could actually help her business because she runs a "legitimate" practice. "It would make it easier for me to get the client looking for a professional therapeutic massage," said Grecsek. According to Grecsek people tend to confuse massage therapy and message parlors and she believes, this legislation would help better define the lines. "Anything that I think will clean up my profession, I agree with," said Grecsek. The new ordinance, if adopted, will regulate all locations where massages are performed. Exemptions would only be made for licensed physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists. The porposed ordinance will be officially introduced to the council at the first township meeting in September. If passed, violators of the ordinance would face a fine not to exceed $1,000 or imprisonment not to exceed 90 days.