Celebrating the Pope's blessings

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    Were you in Central Park on Oct. 7, 1995, when Pope John Paul II spoke to 130,000 people who came to hear Mass and heard him say: "Do not be afraid! The power of the Holy Spirit is with you!" Or in Queens on Oct. 3, 1979, when he celebrated Mass at Shea Stadium? Or perhaps you've been to Rome to hear the pontiff offer prayers from the Vatican? If you have, and you'd like to share those experiences, The Township Journal invites you to submit them so that we can share your stories with all of our readers in an upcoming edition of the newspaper. We realize the Pope has been ill; yet he remains a powerful figure whose shadow casts back across more than two decades. And as much as he has been a figure on the world stage, John Paul II also has a common touch that many have felt during his travels. It is your personal account that we are interested in sharing with friends and neighbors who read the The Township Journal. We're doing this because it is important to remember, and what better way than to have those stories told in your words. Please send us your stories about seeing Pope John Paul II via e-mail, fax or the mail. E-mail: mystory@strausnews.com Fax: 845-782-1711 Mail: 45 Gilbert Street Ext., Monroe, NY 10950.