Club Z! to give achievement awards

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:54

    SPARTA-Applications are now being accepted for the Club Z! Annual Achievement Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements by students in grades 5-12. The awards program allows students to showcase their talents and abilities for a chance to win cash for school. "Club Z! recognizes students for perseverance as well as good grades," explained Pauline Richards, area director of Club Z! In-home Tutoring in Sparta. She said recipients are rewarded for qualities such as strong character, leadership, academic improvement, or overcoming obstacles at school. Last year, hundreds of students across the U.S. were awarded money for school, textbooks, tutoring, or other uses. Winning entries will be judged based on performance, service, merit or achievement. Cash awards totaling $10,000 will be presented, and local awards will be given to winning applicants during a presentation at the school. Students may only apply once during each award period. Deadline for applications is November 15. For more information visit