Dress Rehearsal

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    NEWTON-Prom season may be months away, but Newton High School last week was the scene of what's to come in the spring. The Class of 2006 sponsored the second annual Prom Expo, which featured 14 vendors, skits, and door prizes, all in celebration of that memorable spring event n The Prom. From the opening production number, "I Feel Like a Woman," that was choreographed by junior Kimberley Jackson, the event was a celebration of youth and beauty. Twenty-five young women walked the runway wearing 75 gowns supplied by Chrissy O's, while 13 well-dressed young men were escorts in fashion supplied by Naetone Tuxedos. Ultima Hair Designs topped off the attires with the latest in hair design. This is the second year for this affair, which is chaired by Sharon Graham. "We want to see if the numbers come in, but we want to do it again. It's such a great thing for them. It builds their self-esteem," said Graham. Kelly Cary, who co-chaired, said that a portion of the money from the event will be sent to help the tsunami victims.