For Netcong bakery, it's All in the Icing

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:33

NETCONG — Few businesses can combine time-honored traditions with modern day preferences. But a new bakery on Main Street in Netcong, All in the Icing, has done just that. The bakery is as much of a delight to the eyes as it is to the tastebuds with its abundance of sinful temptations for the palate. Owners Donna Infantolino of Byram and Beth Butler of Hackensack had talked about opening a bakery while they worked together in corporate sales positions. A downturn in the economy left Infantolino without a job last February and Bulter lost hers just a few months later in May. “I called Beth and said lets hurry up and find a place,” said Infantolino. She had always loved baking and Butler had been decorating cakes for 12 years. Infantolino said she always dreamed of having a bakery but never believed she could actually do it. Finding herself in a position without income pushed her to take the steps necessary to fulfill her dream. Butler and Infantolino initially planned on alternating their time at the shop, but the business grew so much that each were putting in 80-hour work weeks. “It's tough," said Butler. "But it's what we have to do. It's a good thing we have a lot of fun while we're here and that people are becoming aware of the quality of our products.” Customers who are tired of commercially baked goods and who are looking for homemade confections have discovered All in the Icing. “The homey look and being able to talk with the actual owners and bakers gives All in the Icing a personal feel,” said JoAnn Wilker of Flanders. Italian knots, crumb cakes and cupcakes as well as handmade wedding and sculpted cakes have become their signature items. Recently added to their line are artisan breads, which have been greatly received by customers. Although the shop is delightful to the eye, it is the delectable treats that keep people coming back. Wilker’s absolute favorite is the Italian Knots but she couldn’t keep from buying a few pounds of cookies on impulse. “They just looked too good to pass up,” said Wilker. Infantolino and Butler’s vision extends beyond baked goods. Their shop now has three soups, five sandwiches, two quiches and two salads offered daily. The two have also started holding baking classes that they say help them get to know their customers better. “We have classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays for kids and adults," said Butler. "They are a load of fun.” Having opened their bakery just seven months ago in April, the two are happy to be in Netcong. “The town was absolutely wonderful to us," said Infantolino. "Within a month and a half we had all our permits, our construction complete and our doors opened." She said that signing a lease in February and opening in April was "truly incredible.” However, it hasn't been a total success from day one. “We were very busy for the first few days,” said Bulter. “I think people were curious and interested. Then, business dropped off." Butler and Infantolino began selling their homemade jams at the farmer's market at the Netcong Train Station. "That really helped," said Butler. "People have started to come into the shop more regularly now and with the holidays coming our orders are picking up.” Infantolino and Butler are happy to see their dreams becoming reality. “It's exhausting but a lot of fun," said Infantolino. "We're glad that people who are looking for quality baked goods, made from scratch, have found us.” All in the Icing is located at 55 Main Street in Netcong. Their phone number is 973-527-7160. More information can also be found at their website, Their hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Thursdays and Fridays from 8 a.m.-7 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. All in the Icing will be open on Mondays throughout the holidays with hours to be announced.