Fund to defray costs for Stanhope family in need

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:33

    STANHOPE — Joe And Karen Granelli from Stanhope did everything right; worked hard, got good jobs, remained married for 30 years and raised a beautiful daughter, cared for elderly parents, took modest vacations and bought a home within their means. Then Karen Granelli got sick - an aneurism and subsequent stroke - and in time they had exhausted their medical insurance coverage and their 401K retirement plan. Because Karen was unable to work the Granelli’s income was substantially reduced. Their house is now in foreclosure and Joe had to declare bankruptcy due to overwhelming medical bills. Sarah, their 22-year-old daughter, had to drop out of Seton Hall University with only a year to go because they couldn’t afford the tuition. Now, since she is not a full time student, she must begin to pay her student loans. The Montville UNICO Foundation has established a Sarah Granelli Scholarship Fund in an effort to raise money to eliminate Sarah’s educational debt and allow her to return to Seton Hall and finish her studies. Friends and anyone wishing to contribute can send a check made out to Montville UNICO Foundation, PO Box 788, Montville, NJ 07045. All funds will go to pay for Sarah’s educational expenses and eliminate a part of this family's crisis. Please note on the check “Sarah Granelli Scholarship Fund.” Montville UNICO Foundation is a 501 3c organization and all contributions are tax deductible.