Get paid to wear T-shirts

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:42

    Contest will select four new employees for IWearYourShirt Sussex County residents can apply to a unique job opportunity, created by Jason Sadler, founder of, a company he created three years ago. Sadler is giving four other people the chance to join him in making the offbeat business of wearing T-shirts for living in 2012. Each day Sadler creates a social media campaign for a different company by wearing their T-shirt and building their online presence by posting messages and videos about the company on his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Ustream pages and on the website. In 2011, he expanded IWearYourShirt and added four people to his team of shirt wearers giving companies more exposure each day. To keep his service fresh, next year Sadler will be hiring four new shirt wearers to add new creative spirit to his team. Applicants for the job of shirt wearer in 2012 must film a three-minute (or less) YouTube video resume. Here’s what Sadler tells applicants their video should do. This video should show off your personality, should tell about yourself, should separate you from any other applicants and should highlight your video editing abilities. It is very important that you can film and edit your own daily YouTube videos to become a shirt wearer. Once you've finished your application video, upload it to your YouTube account and submit the video link (along with some other information) to the IWearYourShirt Hiring Application. After video applications are submitted, says Sadler, “the real fun begins: Tell your friends, family, followers and strangers you meet on the street to visit your shirt wearing application page and share it, comment on it, rate it and prove how awesome you are. Along with being able to film a daily YouTube video and use social media, you need to have a community of passionate friends/followers who want to see you wear T-shirts for a living.” The 2012 IWYS Hiring process will run through Dec. 7. For more information visit