Is basmati rice a whole grain?

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:57

    Basmati rice is a popular rice, well known for its fine texture and nut-like flavor and aroma. While brown basmati rice (the whole-grain form) is available in some stores, the basmati rice in most grocery stores is a refined grain. Since whole grains offer so much more in the way of fiber, vitamins, minerals and natural phytochemicals than refined grains to reduce the risks of cancer and heart disease, whole-grain basmati rice is worth searching for. Do the freeze-dried berries in some cereals add any nutritional value.Don’t let the tiny size of freeze-dried fruit deceive you. Studies of freeze-dried fruit show that the antioxidant phytochemicals found in the fruit’s fresh state are retained at levels almost as high after freeze-drying. Studies also show that these phytochemicals, even after being freeze-dried, can reach our bloodstream. What limits their nutritional value is the small amount added to processed cereals. Most cereals that have freeze-dried fruit contain too little to count as a true serving of fruit when you fill your bowl. To get a real nutritional impact from fruit in your cereal, add fresh or frozen fruit in substantial amounts. If you like the convenience of storing freeze-dried fruits, buy them in bulk packages. By adding your own fruit, you will also have the freedom to choose from many different kinds of whole-grain cereals to optimize the amount of fiber and other nutrients in your breakfast.