Kittatinny grad shares Peace Corps experiences

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

KITTATINNY - Bradley Dakake, a 1997 graduate of Kittatinny Regional High School, returned to his alma mater to share his recent experiences while serving in the Peace Corps. He spoke with students in eighth-grade civics and senior sociology classes about his time in Uzbekistan, a newly emerging nation just northwest of Afghanistan. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Dakake served for six months in Urgench, a city in western Uzbekistan. He worked with the International Scientific Society and lived with a host family while helping with plans to diversify the local economy through tourism. This region was a key component of the ancient Silk Road and offers many exciting and interesting historical adventures, Dakake explained. His presentation led to discussion among the students on such topics as education and the economy of Uzbekistan, as well as the opportunities available to them in the Peace Corps. Dakake spoke about the daily life of Uzbeks and he showed slides depicting the region. He also spoke of his meeting with Joseph A. Pressel, U.S. ambassador to Uzbekistan, who invited him and other Peace Corps members to watch the 2005 Super Bowl via satellite television. Dakake left Uzbekistan early because of increasing social unrest in the region. He planned to leave the U.S. this week to travel to the Black Sea region of Europe to work in Moldova. Students and others interested on following his travels can do so by visiting his website at