Lego builders start young

| 20 Feb 2012 | 06:02

NEWTON — Quick, call a stock broker and buy Lego stock. Judging by the crowd at the Lego club meeting in the Main Library of the Sussex County Library System in Newton Saturday, the popularity of Lego blocks continues to grow. Diane Sebastian, youth services librarian, considers her assistant a “Lego expert and master Lego builder.” A teen volunteer, John Michael Halbig, 15, of Frankford, has been helping at the library once a month for the last two years. “He is dedicated,” said Sebastian. “He works great with the kids.” The creative theme for the meeting was transportation. John kept in mind that the theme suggests things to build, helps the young Lego artists find a special piece to finish their projects. “I have been working with Legos since I was a little kid,” he said. As to helping the young builders, he says it's “something I like to do.” Creative minds They colorful blocks have long been popular with children. And, the more one has, the bigger the building projects. Speaking about his 4-year-old son Adam, who'd come to the library that day, Paul Special of Wantage said: “He has bins and bins of Legos at home.” Three-year-old Matt McQueen got some creative assistance from his father Timothy McQueen at the program Saturday. He has help at home, too. “He has a big brother, TJ, who helps him build and then they take it apart when they are done,” Timothy McQueen said. With a room full of creative minds working together, an innovative transportation device is likely to be just one Lego part away from being invented.